The practice was born in the 1969, as the Rag. Vittorio Belviolandi, after carried out the necessary training, began his own professional activity in tightened collaboration with the "Diana Francesco Practice", specialized in labour law. In course of time, the “Diana Belviolandi Practice“   increased its clients and, since 1985, with the income of th enew partner Dr. Gottardo Ginelli, has changed his organization in the present type of –Studio associato–. In the year 1990, it has been set up the Private Limited Company –Belviolandi Ginelli - elaborazioni contabili srl–,   that razionalizes and centralizes the book keeping service offered to clients. In the 1993, the Dr. Giordano Riboli was called to join the –Studio associato–   and the above said company. Since 1994, the –Studio associato Belviolandi, Ginelli e Riboli–   and the –Belviolandi Ginelli e Riboli- elaborazioni contabili srl– have carried out their respective activities in the new offices in Crema, via Diaz n.6.






*  Rag. Vittorio Belviolandi

(commercialista, auditor, technical consultant)


*  Dott. Gottardo Ginelli

(dottore commercialista, auditor, technical consultant)


*  Dott. Giordano Riboli

(dottore commercialista, auditor, technical consultant)


*  Dott. Monica Rota

(dottore commercialista, auditor, technical consultant)


*  Dott. Francesca Casareale

(dottore commercialista, auditor, technical consultant)


*  Legal Assistance and advice




The practice organization can provide any service within the typical activity of "dottori commercialisti": finance, accounting and budgeting, commercial law, business taxation, insolvency and company restructuring, bankruptcy proceedings, private law (legal advice and assistence in every kind of contract, succession, etc.), auditing. The practice is placed in Crema, via Diaz n. 6, near the town centre, easy of access, with widw parking area: it occupies the second and the third floor of an ancient building,, recently restructured and andowed with lift. The office includes a library and archives; the equipment, hardware and software, is technologically advanced and always brought up to date, to ensure the maximum efficience. The working context, the sophisticated technologies, the process standardizatione, together with the skills and competence of the staff, ensure a service to the highest standards.

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